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Mobile Solutions

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Mobile is fast becoming the predominant method for people to communicate, and companies to keep in touch with their clients.

Almost every person in South Africa has a mobile phone at hand making the power to communicate phenomenal.

We can assist with Mobile Consultation if you would like to analyze your business needs and see how mobile can contribute to it, Bulk SMS to send an SMS at low cost to your clients, WAP / XHTML development to make your web site brows-able by mobile devices, MT billing to bill users mobile phones for a service provided, Short Codes for consumer interaction and USSD services for session-based menu interactions with users.

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We provide our clients with consultation sessions which will help them decide, what mobile solutions best suit their needs, and how to implement it legally, technically and economically. The mobile industry is strongly regulated by WASPA, which protects the mobile consumer.

We will ensure that your services are compliant by WASPA and the mobile networks standards, so that both you and the consumer can enjoy the benefits provided by mobile.

We currently support Vodacom, MTN, CellC and Virgin Mobile network operators.

With over 7 years experience in the mobile industry, we are sure to meet the needs of our clients.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a fast and effective way to communicate with your clients. You can send an SMS to let them know that their car has been repaired, that you have a special at your restaurant and many more types of services.

SMS can also include more specialized type of services, like sending a business card with your company contact details which is saved to the mobile. This ensures that clients do not lose your contact information easily.

How about personalizing your SMS to give the communications you have with your clients that edge?

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So many people reply on their mobile devices as the primary source of information and communication, and due to the fact that mobile devices are becoming smarter, and making accessing information easier, is it not time your company considers mobilizing its web site?

When people look for something on their mobile, and they access a site which is not mobile-friendly, it frustrates them and they move on to another site. This means that al lot your investment on advertising is going down the drain. Mobilizing your web site basically involves writing a WAP and/or XHTML version of your web site which is mobile brows-able and friendly. It is usually a much lighter version of your web site which introduces potential clients to your primary ideas, and how to get hold of you.

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MT Billing (OBS)

Do you have content or a service you would like to introduce to mobile users? Would yo like to collect money from mobile users whilst providing them with a valuable service? MT billing (OBS) allows you to do just this.

Maybe you have a range of special recipes you would like to share with people, and charge them for the information, or how about exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with celebrities? Whatever service it is you would like to provide, we can provide you with the solution to make it mobile.

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Short Codes

If you would like to use a short code to get mobile consumer interaction to an easy-to-remember number, we have the solution.

Like 35050, we have short codes available for you to be able to run campaigns, build consumers profiles, provide services and more.

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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

This text-based service allows clients to access information or services you provide within a USSD session via a mobile phone. You can collect information from mobile users by running surveys, contribute into social networking via USSD etc

USSD is also the current technology used for Please Call Me services offered by networks.

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WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider Association)

WASPA is a legal regulatory body, which ensures protection of all mobile consumers. It ensures that WASP's do not bill consumers without the consumers consent, and that consumers do not receive marketing via SMS if they did not request it. It also allows consumers the fair chance of opting out of services if they wish to do so, because every consumer has a right to privacy.

WASPA also protects the mobile market, to ensure that malicious companies do not cause damage to all other companies who try to add value to mobile consumers.

We ensure that all applications we write are compliant to WASPA standards for a few reasons
  • To protect the mobile consumer
  • To protect the mobile market
  • To protect our clients from receiving fines from WASPA

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Please contact us for more information or a quote.

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